Dunphy Links

Dunphy Links
In no particular order


Brian K. Dunphy: Georgia   All about the trees of Puerto Rico, the prairies of Illinois and such.  You won't want to miss it!

Australian Dunphy Family: M. Dunphy    Information about the Dunphy family

Canadian Dunphy: Jim Dunphy (must be a great guy!).
Has website: Dunphy.org

Dunphy, Nevada, USA:  A mining and ranching town named Dunphy.  By the way, a thanks to them for linking back to us here!

Graeme Dunphy's website: Germany (I think that's what .de stands for?)

Paul Dunphy's web page: Texas

Colm Dunphy's web page: Ireland    Apparently a professor of multimedia programming

Guy Dunphy's page: Australia  

KJ Mary Dunphy:  Model

Ginger Dunphy:  Also a model

www.dididunphy.com/Los Angeles Artist

Jim Dunphy:  Marian College-Associate Professor of Mathematics and Natural Science Division.  With a name like his-he must be a genius!       ; )

www.mdunphy.com:  Madeline Dunphy   Author of children's books.

www.donalddunphy.com:  Canada-Donald Dunphy  Professional Magic Entertainment

Dunfee/Dunphy:  Website devoted to discovering Dunfee/Dunphy family trees


TheDunphys.com: Arizona, Ohio and Texas Dunphys website. Nice looking website with a variety of pictures, recipes and games.


www.jessicadunphy.netActress on shows such as The Sopranos and As The World Turns


Gordon Dunphy: Wood craftsman from New Brunswick


www.evelyndunphy.com Watercolor artist

Jack Dunphy: Writer for national review


Amy Dunphy: Owns a web design and hosting company


Chris Dunphy: Runs nerdsyndrome, a site full of a variety of interesting techy things


www.briandunphy.com/: web site design and developer


G Dunphy: Professor who researches insect immunology


Kate Dunphy: editorialist for MXDWN.com a music review site


Eamon Dunphy: Breakfast radio talk show host in Ireland


www.kathleendunphy.com/ Artist in paintings and drawings-particular affinity for landscapes.


Sean Dunphy: Irish singer with a smooth baritone voice


Brian Dunphy: A member of The Three Irish Tenors and son of Sean Dunphy


Don Dunphy: Famous boxing sportscaster


William Dunphy:Professor in Cell Biology


Jane Dunphy: Director of MITs English Language Studies Program


J.T. (Tom) Dunphy:Renowned wood turning artist


Mark Dunphy:Award winning radio broadcaster in County Clare


Carl Dunphy: Emerging country music star


AJ Dunphy: Computer/web guru with fun eclectic website


Mike Dunphy: Genius of comedy and cuisine


Shaun Dunphy: Great Realtor in the Great Northwest U.S.


Michelle Ann Dunphy: Versatile and talented actress


Jacob Dunphy: Designer of creative and dynamic websites


Louise Dunphy: Radio DJ who hosts the lively and informative Celtic Crossings


Brendan Dunphy: Innovative and experienced independent consultant and business adviser


John J. Dunphy: Successful writer and poet of cutting-edge non-fiction and haiku



A mix of facts, links and pictures pertaining to the Dunphy name.  All jumbled together in one unorganized page for your amusement and confusion!
Dunphy is the 10,239th most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.001%; percentile is 71.357 [Source CBN]
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The Irish names Dunphy and MacDunphy are derived from the native Gaelic O'Donnchaidh and MacDonnchaidh Septs respectively. They were located in County Sligo and in County Kilkenny where a large number of descendants can still today be found.
Family motto:

"Generosa virtus nihil timet."
"Generous valour fears nothing."
Dunphy's Irish Whiskey

Dunphy's premium Irish Whiskey is made with the purest Irish water and the finest barley.  Triple distilled for purity, and aged in oak casks to give Dunphy's its famous distinctive mellow taste.

A blended Irish whiskey produced for the American market, it has a high grain content and is best enjoyed in Irish coffee or with a mixer.
Just a hint of the Dunphy branded business presence on the Internet...
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