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Suzanne Dunphy |
I'm a Dunphy by marriage...married to a William Dunphy, produced three Dunphys together..Matthew, Erin, and Ryan. (real original,huh?)Have a new daughter-in-law, Melissa. Our Dunphys hail from Boston by way of Newfoundland.
Wednesday August 10200518:51 - Pennsylvania

Dennis Michael Dunphy |
I have done my part to keep the name alive. Three sons Joseph Patrick,Michael Dennis,Timothy Doyle.Joe is in Charlotte the rest of us live in the Philadelphia suburbs.
Monday August 8200506:19

Joe Dunphy |
Hi I currently live in Charlotte NC. My family brothers and parents live in Pennsylvania and New Jersey we I grew up. Look forward to hearing from others. I am 33 years old.
Sunday August 7200518:29 - Charlotte NC

Melissa Dunphy |
I am teaching 7th graders and thought it would be cool to research the meaning and heritage of thier last names-I never knew this existed-it's awesome- I need to look more into it-I am quilty of not knowing much about the name as my family does not discuss it much.
Thursday July 21200507:34 - Waterloo, NY, USA

Kyla Dunphy |
Hi, I'm a Dunphy from Ingonish, Cape Breton Island. My Dunphy Ancestors were Rum Runners during prohabiton times in Canada, and all fisherman and boat builders aswell. If anyone has any information about origin or dunphy history I would be very interested!
Wednesday June 22200520:27 - Cape Breton!

Alan |
Hello to the rest of the Dunphy clan. I didn't realise there were so many of us out there, especially in the states. Does any one know anything about the family history?
Sunday June 12200512:35 - Manchester, England

Linda Zec-Prajka | |
Okay- so where's the updates? Saw the Halloween Photos, too, from 2004. Jim, even Dave bows down to you on your Halloween display. Next year I am calling NBC, so get your ON-CAMERA smiles ready!
Happy Birthday to Keegan!!
Love, non-irish, never been irish,
Sicilian Chick, on the next block over...
Saturday June 4200507:52 - straight thru Lara's yard...

Jon Dunphy |
being a Dunphy is so baller, im living in Santa Barbara going to college. Hope things are going well for the rest of you...any so.cal Dunphy's hit me up speedster52@hotmail.com later
Thursday May 12200500:07 - California

Jodi Dunphy |
Hi Dunphy's!
I never run into any Dunphy's here in Alberta. Only my family in Calgary.
Anyway, cool website!
Wednesday April 27200513:49 - Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Richard Dunphy |
Greetings from the New Brunswick branch.
Wednesday April 20200507:29 - Fredericton, N.B., Canada

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