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Michelle Dunphy |
So many Dunphy's! Never new! No one had our name in the Cleveland area, now I am hearing it more often.
No one can ever spell or pronounce it correctly too. Growing up I would say it 2 0r 3 times before someone understood what I was saying. Always Duffy! Wonderful name and I will defend it always.
Friday October 14200506:44 - Lakewoood

Daniel Dunphy
Well how bizarre,didnt realise the Dunphy planet existed and there were so many of us.I have two offspring one of which will be carrying the brand forward.His name is Mac and he is seven while shannon is ten.Look forward to staying in touch with the site.The Duunphys
Thursday October 6200515:54 - West London, England

Fiona Dunphy
From my Dunphy Family to your Dunphy Family, Hello from California.
Tuesday October 4200512:49

Justin Dunphy
Hey, we're Dunphy's from NL, Canada.
Saturday October 1200517:24 - Canada

gerard dunphy jr. |
yes yet another dunphy i am a jr. and my wife and i have two kids a girl erin and a baby boy gerard dunphy 111
Friday September 30200515:44 - southampton pa.

Catherine Dunphy |
Wow, I never realized how popular the name Dunphy is! I have 3 brothers: Michael, Christopher, and Patrick. My father is James, my mother is Wilma. No one famous or notable on our little 'branch' (that I'm aware of), but my Great Grandfather was a Doctor. Proud to be a Dunphy :) Thanks for this site.
Friday September 30200509:30 - Western Massachusetts

James Dunphy |
Now in San Diego, California Grew up in Michigan My father is Maurice Dunphy
About to have his 75th bithday in November. I have one son Justin Dunphy and he lives in California also. Most of my family lives in Michigan. John,joel,kathyand shari. All of them have there own families.
Love ya all....Jim
Tuesday September 27200509:01 - San Diego,Ca

Brian Dunphy |
Hello to all the Dunphy's. I am originally from Philadelphia and now live in Delaware. My Father was Jack Dunphy from Grays Ferry.
Wednesday September 21200520:32 - Bear, Delaware

William Dunphy |
Hey Found another relative here in the page ...keep it up looking to get back to Ireland on my Family tree
Tuesday August 23200516:09 - Belleville,Ontario,Canada

Cate Dunphy | |
My father's side has the name and i'm very proud of my Irish roots. My grandfather (we call him Irish) went to Ireland but i don't thin he visited ancestors at all. it's good to find a web site! i'll add out site to the list of link. my father is an artist.
Sunday August 21200512:34 - Mt. Vernon, Ohio

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