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Mark Dunphy |
I come from a small cohort of Dunphys in the North East of England.We're thin on the ground around here, and no one seems able to spell the name. We like it, though.
Thursday December 15200507:07 - Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Joel Dunphy |
The Dunphy clan of St. Louis has just started our 7th generation here in the USA. My great great grandparents somewhere back in Ireland were John Dunphy & Mary Larkin and William Kennedy & Joannah McGrath.
Monday December 12200522:03 - St. Louis, MO suburb - Colubia, IL USA

paul dunphy
hi to all with the great name accross the world. bringing up three little dunphys two of which are boys. not many of us where we live.
Friday December 9200512:24 - gloucester, England

Brian Dunphy |
Hello from Columbus, OH!!!
Monday December 5200517:22 - Columbus, OH

Rosaleen (Rose) Dixon nee Dunphy |
I was born in Dublin to Rosaleen & Edward Dunphy and I now live near Liverpool England. Never knew ther were so many dunphys out there but most seem to be in USA or Canada. How about a big Dunphy reunion sometime?
Friday December 2200504:45 - Near Liverpool england

Kyle Dunphy |
Hows it going my kinda family ?!
My names Kyle Dunphy from Nova Scotia Canada. Im now living in Alberta. Im a military mechanic known around the west for skills in race car building but my main thing now is snowboarding. Riding for 7 yrs and now im starting to take it somewere.
Saturday November 19200520:25 - Canada

Kathleen Dunphy |
Great to see so many Dunphys on this website.
Tuesday November 8200517:43 - Berkeley, California

Tom Dunphy |
Apart from immediate family, I have never met another Dunphy! Now there is hundreds on this site.
Wednesday October 26200510:55 - Glasgow, Scotland

Shawn Dunphy |
Greetings from one Dunphy to all of the others.
Monday October 17200522:38 - Middletown, NY

Ray & Dorothy Dunphy |
Hi Dunphys,
Friday October 14200513:34 - Charlestown, RI

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