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Simon Dunphy |
Didn't realise the name originated in County Sligo until finding this website. Explains why I didn't have to spell it once when I was there last year!!!
Friday March 31200623:24 - Gloucestershire, England

John Edward Dunphy |
My Dad, William Patrick Dunphy was born in Welshpool, Wales of Irish parents. One of two sons, I moved from my birthplace of Toronto to Melbourne, Australia in 1995. The name will be carried on by our son, Benjamin John. (There are lots of Dunphy's in Australia; lots of Irish descendents)
Tuesday March 28200621:02 - Melbourne Australia

Mary Alice Dunphy |
It is great to see all the people listed here.
Sunday March 19200623:56 - Minneapolis Minnesota

Nikhita Dunphy |
I'm a Dunphy by my dear old dad, and his dad I think was half Irish. It's so funny to see a site like this!
Wednesday March 15200622:39 - California, US

Kim Dunphy |
I am married to a Dunphy from Newfoundland whose ancestors,originated from some place in Ireland a very long time ago.Hello to all my Dunphy relatives across the board!
Thursday February 2200612:18 - Canada

Dunphy is prolly the best last name ever lol
Thursday January 26200611:10 - mid-iowa

Monica Kathleen Dunphy |
GREAT to see so many Dunphys. I took a tour of the Waterford Crystal Factory in Ireland and saw an employee named Johnny Dunphy who looked like he could be my brother. We're everywhere!
Tuesday January 24200608:30 - South Florida

Alice Helen Dunphy |
Hello Dunphys. Doing genealogy on Gr. Grandfather Hugh Dunphy(NYCPD)his son Michael my Grandfather. also sons John,Henry and others with Sis Catherine. anyone from lower Manhattan?
Monday January 23200617:36 - Long Island, New York

Ed Dunphy |
Greetings from the Northwest to all the Dunphy's of the world. In the North Idaho area? Drop a line at edunphy1959@yahoo.com and we'll have a Guinness.
Thursday January 12200618:01 - Coeur d'Alene, ID

Patrick Dunphy
Our family branch had been farming potatoes in Prince Edward Island ever since my ancestors came across during the famine in the mid 1800's. I've grown up on the farm that was settled by my great great great grandfather, and I have the soil in my blood. I'm currently a student at an agricultural institution in Nova Scotia where I am working towards a BSc in Plant Science so I can keep growin' them spuds. Take care all
Thursday January 5200616:22 - Cherry Valley, Prince Edward Island, Canada

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