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Dennis M Dunphy |
update to my previos posting Michael has a little boy also named Michael. Tim is now living in Chicago
Wednesday September 10200808:35

kim dunphy |
hello to all the Dunphys. I'm married to johnny dunphy. Was just curious to meet other Dunphys. Would like to meet any relatives .
Sunday May 13200718:23 - philadelphia Pa.

James Dunphy |
Another Dunphy, whose father was from Great Paradise, Newfoundland
Sunday April 29200706:43 - Holyrood,Newfoundland,Canada

Jacqui Chaplin (Dunphy Descendant) |
It's no surprise there are so many Dunphys given how many I am related to. Thomas Dunphy b 1831 Wexford Ireland who came to Australia c 1852 and married Eliza Longan (spelling is variable)in Tasmania in 1866 is my most distant Dunphy ancestor. If anyone is related or knows about him I'd love to hear from you! Google me and you'll find my business' website - Talking About
Tuesday April 24200722:01 - Melbourne, Australia

Jon Dunphy |
Hey Dunphys! Whats up?
Tuesday April 24200721:11 - Perrysburg Ohio

Larry Dunphy |
My father(Robert Lewis Dunphy) was born in Houlton Maine. He had three brothers and one sister. Doris,Jerry,Lawernce, and Raymond born in Mass.
Friday April 20200715:24

James Dunphy
Hello Dunphys!
Tuesday April 10200720:17 - Calgary, Alberta

Mary Dunphy |
Another Newfoundland dunphy as it's a common surname here. Understandable considering the Irish heritage here. My husband's family - Albert Dunphy from Little Paradise, Placentia, married Mary Hall of Hallstown, Conception bay.
Tuesday April 10200709:05 - Newfoundland, Canada

Troy Dunphy |
Hello all
Thursday March 22200716:46 - Florida

Jacqui Dunphy |
Hi, my name is Jacqui Dunphy. I was born in St. John's, NF. to Rosemary O'Driscoll (Bay Bulls) and William Dunphy (Tors Cove). Presently living in Ontario (migrated like most Newfoundlanders), I try to visit the rock at least every 2 years.
Friday March 2200709:37 - Toronto, Ontario

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